Sunday, August 28, 2011

Michael Brandon, cum fountain

Big and tall Michael Brandon sports a whopper of a cock -he appropriately calls it Monster- that looks big even on a tall guy like him. Watching it tear up a bottoms ass at blinding speed is an amazing sight. But I like Michael even better for his noisy and very messy cumshots!


  1. Mmmmmmmmmmm...........not only does Michael cum like a geyser and fuck like a machine, he gets so fucking verbal while he fucks, gets sucked on and when he shooooooooooots!
    I LOVE the way he smacks his MONSTER cock on another guy's ass, face, in his own hand, against his abs. There is a dvd of him with a guy in a jacuzzi and he smacks that cock against the water causing huge splashs (of water.) His HUGE slash is at the end of the scene.

  2. the best blog in the world, dude. congratulation. got my big dick squirting here with ur images.