Sunday, August 28, 2011

Michael Brandon, cum fountain

Big and tall Michael Brandon sports a whopper of a cock -he appropriately calls it Monster- that looks big even on a tall guy like him. Watching it tear up a bottoms ass at blinding speed is an amazing sight. But I like Michael even better for his noisy and very messy cumshots!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sky Dawson in 'Boots'

Cumgusher Sky Dawson

Sexy moustachioed hunk Sky Dawson is a favourite vintage pornstar of mine. He was brilliant in the early Falcon stuff where he gets fucked by the likes of Dick Fisk and Kirsten Bjorn. 

In the flick 'Boots', Sky gets his brains fucked out by big-dicked Kirsten Bjorn. Sky shoots an absolutely unimaginable big load of cum, jet after jet splattering against Bjorn's leather boots. Amazing!!! 


I also love him in 'Champs' where he gets into a threesome, fucks two guys and cums three times!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cole Tucker, cumblasting muscledad.

Cole Tucker is a big mean muscledaddy who fucked his way through a few vids in the nineties. He had a big dick, big balls, a BIG attitude (that I really am not that in to... I like men to keep it real and not overcompensate with cigars, tattoos and fake macho crap!) but most memorable were his HUGE spurting and very noisy orgasms. Here are a few examples.